• Program Cost

    $3,999 USD


    Summer 2019: June 2nd - June 28th


    • 28 Nights in Downtown hotel
    • Airport Pickup
    • Cultural Visits or Activities
    • 60+ Seminar Hours
    • 60+ Workshop Hours
    • Company Visits
    • Validation & Certification of 2 courses


  • How to Apply?

    The admissions process is the same whether you’re a candidate nominated by your home University or a self-supported candidate; we are looking for passionate and inquisitive people with the drive to dictate their own future.



    Fill-out the application form and send it by email to leap@chinacampus.mx with a photo of your passport and a 250-word statement letter that describes yourself and the reasons why you want to be part of LEAP.


    get accepted

    After submitting your application-form we will contact you within the next 2 working days


    Pay online or by bank transfer

    Click on the Paypal link or request the bank information for an international transfer.




    Get ready for a life changing experience