• Why Shanghai?

    In recent years, the world has undergone rapid economical structural changes triggered by the shift of leading economic regions and wealth generation; China’s role and impact is undeniable. The importance of understanding how this country works is paramount for the success of anyone competing in a globalized world.


    The idea of working in an international setting is nowhere better represented than in Shanghai, throughout its modern history this city has that not only embraced multicultural change but has managed to thrive as one of the world leading cities of the 21st century.


    Shanghai receives around 400,000 international students from over 200 countries every year; the city’s young and multicultural personality is the perfect hub for fostering innovation. The candidates will be immersed in a fast-paced metropolis outside of their comfort zone where they will be pushed to thrive using previously conceived difficulties as tools for critical thinking and empathic problem solving that will most definitely lead to successful business ventures.

  • What will i get?

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    It’s not about how much you know but how you use what you know to your advantage; the program sets out to not only provide the necessary information but shows different ways of accessing it in order to allow you to build the grounds for starting your own business.

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    Leadership Skills

    You will possess a wide and holistic view of an organization and its environment while having the capacity to take ideas into action; the program will empower your drive, creativity and self-knowledge. You will be able to influence and motivate others with a critical mind, assertive for conflict resolution and being able to effectively handle multicultural interpersonal relationships.

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    Entrepreneurial Spirit

    You will be ready to break paradigms and to generate new ideas with initiative, imagination, empathy and creativity. You will be able to assess business feasibility, make decisions under pressure, assume risks, communicate ideas efficiently and attract resources.

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    Multicultural Vision

    You will need to have a clear vision of the social, economical, political and cultural situation of the regions where your business will operate; respecting and profiting from diversity. You will understand the importance of cultural differences in business and to manage your relationships around them, successfully adapting in foreign scenarios while being able to thrive in them.

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    Ethics and Social

    You will be able to reflect, analyze and evaluate ethic dilemmas related to you own self, your profession and your environment.

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    Candidates who successfully complete the program will receive a Completion Diploma with curricular value and an official transcript from the Chinese host University with the evaluation grades for two courses that could be validated in the candidate’s home University.